Thursday, December 2, 2010

Service Learning Reflection: December 2, 2010

Since I hadn't been to my service site in two weeks the kids missed Lila and I and gave us huge hugs when we walked in the classroom. They are so fun and I am going to miss them. We worked on showing your work with a few students and we helped them take a few tests on the computers, which were a requirement for the school that day. I am really going to miss the teachers we work with and the students in the classroom. The teachers were sad that it was our last day because they thought we had one more week left and said they would have done something for us. He gave us his email address and said that we could use him as a reference if we needed to for anything. I think I was lucky to have been placed in such a great classroom with great children and a great teacher. Mr. I was a very influential teacher to watch and I aspire to relate to my students as well as he does. I think I am going to send a thank you card to both of them because I appreciated the way they took Lila and I under their wing and really gave us advice and a good experience at our service learning site. I am sad that it is over and I will definitely participate in some form of service again.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Service Learning Reflection: November 17, 2010 and November 24, 2010

On November 10, 2010 I was unable to go to my service learning site because I had a teacher education meeting because I was accepted into the program and it was a mandatory meeting. I learned about the classes I should be taking next semester and got an idea of who would be in my classes in the coming years.  I heard from Lila, the other student in my service-learning group, that the children asked where I was and said they missed me, which made me feel good and appreciative of the students i have been working with for the past semester.

On November 24, 2010 John Carroll University was not in session because of Thanksgiving.     :)

Final Essay Proposal Commentaries

Commentary on Jarod Artman’s Essay Proposal

            I think that Jarod has a great topic for his final research essay. I think that recess is a very important aspect in a child’s school day and many schools should reconsider taking recess away from the children. It is understandable that teachers are trying to fit more material into a day’s work and eliminating recess is one way to do so, but it is not good for the students. As young kids they need to release energy that otherwise would be a disturbance in the classroom. I think Jarod can create a great paper on this topic and he has some really good ideas. I liked how he included his brother and the story he told about himself as a child. I thin Jarod should focus more on schools that are taking recess out of their days rather than disciplining the students by taking away their recess time. Overall a very good idea and start and I look forward to reading more about his topic.

Commentary on Catie Hodgson’s Essay Proposal
            Catie’s topic for her final research essay is phenomenal. I think it has become a serious problem in schools when they are eliminating arts in education. Her topic ties in well to Jarod’s as well. When I was in high school I was in an art class every year. I loved them and it was the best time of the day for me to relax, recuperate, and relieve stress. Coloring is one of the best stress relievers and I think it is important for all students. At an early age we are stressed with all sorts of work, papers, projects, and tests and I think the arts in education give everyone something they can enjoy whether it is painting or ceramics, choir, band, graphic design or photography, they all help the students creativity and relieves tension from other classes. I think Catie has a great topic and can really develop a good paper I am interested to hear about the research she comes up with.

Commentary on Andrew Costa’s Essay Proposal

            I think Andrew makes some great points in his essay proposal. He is short and to the point in his proposal, but he states the problems and topics he will be researching for his paper. He may want to include a bit more of his experiences in the paper, but I think he does a nice job with introducing his ideas about the Cleveland City school systems. I am interested to learn about the information he finds to write his research paper and the different methods and programs that are successful in helping our city’s schools. I think Andrew has a good idea and he just needs to develop it a little more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Service Learning November 10, 2010

Today Lila and I worked in a different classroom with the special education teacher. These students were very cute kindergarteners but they also were very low intellectually. It was interesting to watch the special ed teacher work with the students and the ways she taught them. She read a Doctor Seuss book and we went over different rhyming words, the alphebet and the sound each letter in the alphebet make. It was a nice class to watch because it taught me different ways that teachers can work with students.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Service Learning Reflection: November 2, 2010

Today Lila and I worked together with 5 students. It was challenging because they were all on different levels of understanding. This one boy christian did not understand the lesson because he had a hard time adding. I tried to use my fingers to show him when you add 5+5 or 3+4 but he was not comprehending. This other girl named Erica was doing very well and adding things that I was surprised she knew how to do. We were working with perimeters and I realized that my skills are rusty and I need to work on things again because I am forgetting things like that. I kept thinking it was area instead of perimeter, it was embarrassing, but Lila did the same so I didn't feel as bad. It is funny how people forget to do things if you haven't practiced it in awhile.